Born To Die: In A Muggle World

by Chernobyl

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First release in the 'Born To Die' series from Chernobyl.
Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Phantum.
Written/Recorded by Chernobyl.


released February 15, 2017

Chernobyl, Phantum, ATCF Productions



all rights reserved


ATCF Productions Elkton, Maryland

ATCF Productions Artist:
Poppa Glock

Formerly known as "Paranoid Productions".

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Track Name: Rap Muggle
Verse 1: 
Tired of talking nonsense, born to be a nuisance, with a sixth sense. Being attacked in every direction, by figments of my imagination. Having to run from my persona, he's impatient, just ask Katlyn. I'm not against abortion, yet I'm not for it. Got a metal coat hanger? Do what you want with the fetus, shot my manager over lyrics. Fuck barracks, about to say shit to piss off grieving parents. Stormed into Sandy Hook, looking for a teacher, bitch, I'm a teach you a lession with a Don't mean to have an attitude, sorry I'm aggressive, sometimes it just festers. Until the label fires me, but its more like a sick day off of work, made plans to kill kids at Sandy Hook, but my gun wouldn't work. So I had to put serial killing on hold, til' 3 days later, I seen on the news, a guy shot up that elementary school. Thank god it wasn't me, because he shot himself, if I did it, I'd have to shoot me myself. 
Lyrics after lyrics, no endorsement, just more drugs to overdose with. Manager just wants to see me die, drop dead, fuck it, you can take my money, you were gonna take it anyway. 
Verse 2: 
I can write to anything, til' I can't breathe, feeling like a snuffleupagus, turning things to war means. Lost in a dimension, filled with fans, craving attention, never letting me be me. When I'm rapping, the only thing I'm thinking is "Who am I dissing?', then the thoughts of artists fly out my pen like lightening. Producing a storm of outrageous material. Pen's broke, all out of ink. How do you expect raps with 2 broken wrists and a swollen lip, trying to rap like ABK with a fucking lisp. Producer expects raps, after I shoot him full of heroin, vomiting all over the toilet. This rap muggle has officially had it, bury me like king tut. Yet keep my brain and hands, that’s all you want to buy fans. Can't even show my talent, this rap muggle has officially had it, I'm off to a new planet, one without Hip-Hop and fans. Shit has turned to war means, rappers getting shot up for not going on tour.
*Repeats Chorus* 
Verse 3: 
I wouldn't cut my own tongue out, that just isn't possible, shutting me up, just isn't plausible. Afraid of my alter-ego since he stabbed a lady in the stomach while she was dilating before having a baby, then just walked away turning the other cheek. Fuck Kate Middleton, she doesn't deserve to be queen. I love Elizabeth. Since even the blood to the queen of England as a fucking juggalette. She loves this muggle and how I gets her old neden wet. Talk correct, the music is my life, it's like my heart in a mic. I'll be here trying to be king, til' merlin tells me I'm a muggle, and a muggle can't be king. Does that mean I can be god? Don't wanna be god nor king, I'm a rap muggle, therefore, when this rap shits over, my fans won't want an encore.
*Repeats Chorus*
Track Name: Conflict

Fuck, America went to shit
So I quit

I wouldn't end that simple
Using a utensil, to pop your eye vessels
Swap color with ignorance
Lower defences, throw a coffee at a Muslim
Cap a Hindu, so quick Sudoku
Could confuse, Stephen hawking
When his limp ass rolls up to a ride at six flags
I'm looney enough to flirt with Dahmer's carcass
Cuss and fuck a bovine, on vine
Needing six seconds wouldn't cut it
Unless we're talking genitalia
Janet I tell ya
Lyrics could run a mile ^whole marathon
To prove car crushin'
Is a quick step to organ donation
As cum stained panties end up in a toys for tots bin
Of a Catholic day care when a priest is left in charge
Discharge seems pre-ejaculated
Been put the ghetto mansion so long the rent sky rocketed
Feel like Stanley
Trying to swin after gas exhaust and vodka
Rethinking his decision
to go the distance to get noticed


Do I Drown in constant conflict?
Truth doesn't mean shit
When raps weak, I'll murder Alfred
To unmask Batman
Taking a stand, was Christ plan
River or rail? Either way he'll be impaled ^IMPALED
Then lifted up off downs
Did I say I'm drowning?, constant conflict
In flicks eternal pain
Embryonic Android Contracting a virus
From the village slut, composing a list
of Dicks, the ones her honey hive came in contact with
We all inject venomous words into speech
I'll preach, when creeps, stop stalking Blakk in hotels
We can fuck but don't tell Jane
You were Mary when ridin' me better then little red
But you didn't fondle my head
Your mistake was the fire poker in your ass
We all know it doesn't fit, tissue is torn
Like that fag on meet me, who hit on me
Shoot him down like Dean Martin's plane
That a Mora or should it be that's morte?


I ain't even want to do this song
Got chloroformed, woke up in front of a microphone
Threatened to be probed, if I didn't bust
Jokes local, like ke$ha not being able
to scale, an empire alone
in court rooms ballin'
I'll discuss fans, like Haley Williams and DJ stalin
Hail Hitler!
If we ain't playin' racket ball
In a high school varsity locker room, as chick changing sports bras
We could brawl, over who's arrow dynamic
Fucking juggernaut stoppin' on coming talent
Thrown shade like Kanye and Swift
That even more teens get shot
While I facial a bulimic slut, who gave her eggs up for a Saint
Shooting point blank, with bullets that are target ready
Deliver us from evil, I am that evil
Hey Hoe!
I'll express what happenes when Bernie wins
Like the rest, politicians are all bullshitters
Bill, Where's Monica? My dick needs to be blown
I'm prone
to pop pills, overdose and wake handcuffed to Lynn's headboard
Sorry Ellis, that's what happenes when attraction doesn't vanish
Told you I ain't want to rap in the first place
Peace I'm out.